An insight into getting visa for different countries

People when want to travel from one country to the other then they need a visa to travel legally without any problem. Some people use illegal source to reach to their destination country but then they need to live there in a hidden manner and they will not even get the pay which they deserve because they will be illegal in that country and they cannot sue their employer for giving them low wage than usual. To avoid this thing you have to go through the proper process of getting visa and this process you may get the assistance from USA visa consultant in Dubai to get to know more about it. They will properly guide you and help you whenever you need them and they will also assist you in filling and applying your application. There are a lot of consultants there to help you but you need to get to the one who is authentic and proven to guide in this regard.

You have to know that there are two type of visa to go any country you can choose either of them. One is the temporary visa type in which you will get the permission to enter and live in a foreign country for a limited time. You cannot live there more than that period because it will consider illegal to stay after that. Most of the time the temporary visa is working and it should be renewed after sometime. The renewal time is different of different countries so you should be aware about it before you get that working visa. Other than that there is a visa for visit and it is for a very short time which is usually less than a year. In this visa you cannot work there but you go to visit your relatives or for enjoying the travelling.

The other type of visa is the permanent one and it will provide the facility to live there and enjoy all the citizen rights of that country. For US it is called the green card or the EB-5 in Dubai. Once you get that then you can start your business there and live there legally without any problem but you have to spend a lot of amount for getting this visa because you need to provide the evidence of your authenticity to them.