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Founded in 2011, Open Road Review (South Asia’s top Literary Magazine) has published 300+ writers from 23+ countries. The website has been accessed 3 million+ times, has 5000+ subscribers & has conducted 2 annual writing contests.


Chitra-Banerjee-Divakaruni-Discussing-Oleander-Girl-at-Asia-Society-Texas-Center-3-7-13-Photo-Credit-SLMotley-324x235 openroadreview literary magazine

“That Books Can Transform Lives Motivates Me to Keep Writing”: Interview...

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is an Indian-American author, poet, and the Betty and Gene McDavid Professor of Writing at the University of Houston Creative Writing Program....

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graphic-novels-324x160 openroadreview literary magazine

5 Interesting Graphic Novels You Can Finish In One Sitting

Some of us have grown up with comic books. From reading Tintin and Asterix paperbacks to adventuring with the superheroes from the Marvel and...
Winner-Open-Road-Review-Short-Story-Prize-2016-–-In-Partnership-with-NHP-Centre-324x160 openroadreview literary magazine

Finalist, Open Road Review Short Story Prize 2016 – In Partnership...

Look at her: head bowed in reverence; eyes glazed over, mesmerised by the glare emanating from the screen; fingers twitching on the virtual keyboard...

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Book Review

Mayank-Shekhar-324x235 openroadreview literary magazine

“Name Place Animal Thing” by Mayank Shekhar

This Is a Book That Simply Keeps Entertaining: "Name Place Animal Thing" by Mayank Shekhar As I drink my afternoon's ritualistic cup of tea, I...


Winner-Open-Road-Review-Short-Story-Prize-2016-–-In-Partnership-with-NHP-Centre-1-218x150 openroadreview literary magazine

ISSUE 19 (Open Road Review Short Story Prize Issue) / Oct 2016

Dear readers, This special edition of our quarterly Issue includes the results of our global writing...
Open-Road-Review-Issue-18-218x150 openroadreview literary magazine

Issue 18/ Aug 2016

Dear readers, Profound and entertaining, even indistinct and yet cumulatively relevant, Issue 18 captures the lives...
Bridge-To-Nowhere-Jeanpaul-Ferro-Copy-218x150 openroadreview literary magazine

Issue 17 / May 2016

Dear readers, I’m happy to be assisted by a bright new team of editors and equally...
ISSUE-16-Open-Road-Review-218x150 openroadreview literary magazine

Issue 16 / Feb 2016

Dear readers, On behalf of the editors, staff & interns, I bid farewell to Shanti Perez,...
Cover-picture-Abandoned-Journey-by-Sudeep-Sen1-218x150 openroadreview literary magazine

Issue 14 / August 15

Dear readers, It gives me immense pleasure to share that Open Road Review has found sponsors...

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