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Proteem Bhaduri
Proteem Bhaduri spends most of his days finding ways to translate brand and product stories into live experiences for people, and generally thrashing about in the choppy waters of experiential marketing. When he’s not at his day job, he can be found dabbling in experimental cooking, reading – anything he can get his hands on, really, but preferably fiction (and even more preferably, dark fiction) - and writing. He writes to tell the stories that come knocking in his head, to time-travel, to plot imaginary destinies and make up improbable people, and sometimes he just writes to make his demons go away. Several of his short-stories and poems have been published in online magazines. If he’s not doing any of the above, you might find him looking up cat videos on the interweb or mediating between the voices in his head and the voices under his bed.

‘Demons’ by Proteem Bhaduri

The phone call came early that morning, informing me that my maternal grandmother, Kulwanti, eighty-two, had died of a heart attack the night before....

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