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Arun Ganapathy
Arun Ganapathy is a full time dreamer and a part-time everything else. He is always thinking about how to make a living out of things other than his job. And so he wanders around the house trying his hand at cooking and magic. When he is not doing any of these things, he actually works. For the British council, as a teacher, and for the Times of India as a freelance writer. But that’s not how he started life. He doesn’t remember much of the early years—except for a spell in hotels and for other bits which occasionally appear in the fiction he is now writing. Somewhere along the way he got a few qualifications in English which have helped him live; sometime in the future he hopes the fiction will help him continue living. Meanwhile he plods on at his job and keeps writing.


‘I am thinking of buying a piece of land,’ said Ranga to his father. ‘I am overjoyed because you have now started making money, become...

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