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Most of us tend to associate video games with the stereotypical nerd hooked onto a PlayStation playing some massive role-playing game that involves a lot of guns and violence. But the world of video games is actually way more varied and interesting, and there’s always something for everyone. You don’t need a fancy graphics card or the latest PlayStation to have some virtual fun- your average laptop can easily support these art video games listed below.

1. Gone Home: This is an unconventional game in the sense that there are no high scores to beat or levels to rise up. The premise is simple: you play Kaitlin, a woman who has just returned from a trip abroad to find her house empty and all the family members missing. By interacting with the objects and exploring the rooms you have to figure out the story of what actually happened. Part mystery, part surreal-this game is a huge achievement in interactive storytelling.

2. The Path: For lovers of folklore and the Gothic, this is a psychological horror game based on the Red Riding Hood tale. There are six sisters living in a rundown apartment and you can choose to play any one of them as a character visiting the grandmother’s house that lies across the forest. The game has only one rule and that’s to ‘stay on the path’, but the only way to actually experience the game is to get off the path and explore the horrors and the magic of the dark forest. And each sister has a different wolf lurking in the woods for her…

3. The Stanley Parable: Another interactive fiction game, this one is choice-based and your decisions decide the kind of experience you’re going to have. Stanley has a mundane office life, pressing buttons without question, until one day his screen goes blank. There’s an invisible narrator who offers guidance as to which path to take, but you’re free to make your own choices. This is a game that will engross you and make you think.

4. Fallen London: This is the easiest to play as you don’t need to install any software for it’s a browser-based game set in a darker version of an alternative Victorian London. It’s something of a choose-your-own-adventure kind where you have to make your way through the gaslit streets and the London underground. If you love role-playing and alternative history, you’re sure to be addicted to this game as well.

So what are your favourite games and why? Anything that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!