The Patriot & the Poet, Nida Fazli

I did not know Nida Fazli, the Hindi and Urdu poet, lyricist and dialogue writer, who passed away on Mon, 8 Feb 2016. I wish I had.

I know only his lyrics, his writing. His lyrics have always made me peaceful, calm and harmonious, allowing me to experience a certain stillness and an extended sense of harmony with people, situations and life in general.

All his poems, ghazals, nazms have this uncanny ability to articulate the anguish and eventually help reconcile and accept life. As someone recently said, Nida Fazli’s poetry transports to you a calm, peaceful world where you just ruminate about life and its intricacies.

In this, one can sense the powerful feeling of silence; the unsaid can be strongly felt:

Chup tum raho, chup hum rahe

khamoshi ko, khamoshi se          

zindagi ko, zindagi se

Baat karne do…

Or probably, his inability to let go can be seen here:

tu is tarah se meri zindagi mein shaamil hai

jahaan bhi jaaon yeh lagta hai, teri mehfil hai

I can feel his longing for the deprived love, more familial:

Tere jahaan mein aisa nahi ki pyar na ho

Jahaan umeed ho iski wahaan nahi milta

Kabhi kiso ko mukammal jahaan nahi milta…

And sense his loneliness, at the end of the day:

yeh dhoop, ek safar

sulge to dopahar, simte to soona ghar

In him, I see a kid who was clear in his head, at a tender age of about 10 years, that he is not leaving the country of his birth. Well read that he was, probably he chose the path less travelled right then. What strength, will-power, grit and determination this young boy would have possessed to take such a tough and painful decision.