Call them crazy, but these ideas address the basic problems that India is identified with. Problems we have stopped noticing. Problems we don’t complain about anymore. Problems that have kept our beloved nation chained to its third world status.

10 crazy ideas

  1. Indians Honk too much: Vehicle horns to have life of only 100 times. A new one should cost Rs 50000.
  2. Indians believe in Untouchability: Every time an Indian learns of someone as a Dalit, he /she should hug that person. It should be the law.
  3. Indians spit too much: People caught spitting to be fined Rs 5000.
  4. Indian men are eve-teasers: Eve teasers to be slapped publicly in government organized functions.
  5. Indians think of Army only when in trouble: Whenever an army-man / paramilitary is seen in uniform, people should salute.
  6. Indians believe in caste system: A yearly inter-caste marriage allowance should be introduced.
  7. Indians adulterate food: Food adulteration to be considered as capital crime.
  8. Indians wear dirty shoes: Unclean shoe fine to be introduced.
  9. Indians pay heavy tax on alcohol: No tax on the first 2 bottles of alcohol in a month.
  10. Indians are divided: Any initiative to destroy or disintegrate caste system by individuals / groups to be awarded at the national level.