In the samosa vs. vada pav war, which side are you on? Now, before you get all excited and start aiming your missiles, here’s the caveat: this article that first appeared in Huffington post is not intended to harm anyone’s sentiments and should be seen as such. For if the Mumbaikars and the Dilliwallahs continue to outsmart each other in all spheres of life as they do now, to my mind, it can only help us understand and bond better as there’s a lot to learn from each other. But that is for the comments section.

delhi vs mumbai

Here are the top 8 reasons why I feel Delhi is better than Mumbai. There can be many more, but I’m limiting myself to only these few. If you are from Mumbai, let’s see what you have got.

  1. A samosa is more delicious than a vada pav: Without a doubt. It is a totally desi snack unlike vada pav which has an angrezi influence because of the bun.
  2. We love our pigeons but hate pigeonholes: Not just hearts, people’s houses in Delhi are larger too. The houses in Mumbai?
  3. Delhi has all 4 seasons: While Mumbai’s four seasons are hot, very hot, monsoon and hot, Delhi has summer, winter, autumn and spring. That’s precisely the reason why people are more fashionable in Delhi and their wardrobes fuller. It is possible to change your clothes with the change in season.
  4. Roads are wider in Delhi: And we have recently learnt how to drive in lanes too, thanks to our police, so we honk lesser and drive straighter. The odd-even formula is our newest discovery.
  5. What’s in a name: Delhi has remained loyal to its old name as we believe in real work, not plastic surgery. The name Bombay sounded so much better, but Mumbaikars chose to change the name. Wish they had done something to the slums instead.
  6. Every Dilliwalla is a celebrity: The guys you call celebrities even in Mumbai, for example Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan, have been exported from Delhi.
  7. Snow-capped destinations are a few hours’ ride: In Delhi you are just 200 kilometres away from snow during winters. In summers too, you are not more than 500 kilometres away. Mahabaleshwar and Lonawala are cute, but please for heaven’s sake let’s just agree not to call them hill stations.
  8. Delhi’s cuisine is legendary: Butter chicken, dal makhani and chicken tikka etc. I better not list Mumbai’s dishes that can be served as a meal.