Teju ColeOPEN CITY attempts to seek answers, rather indirectly, to the common questions that dilute the abundance we expect from our lives: what do we seek, what drives our conscience, where do we look for inspiration to conquer our compelling fears? There are no direct answers. There has never been. But the narrative leaves sufficient inspiration to search with fresher eyes and sharper senses.

The ability to question—insolently—and rightly so—the established rituals, the division of class and language, or entitlement by birth, even proximity, that makes a man odd for another man. After reading this book, no wonder, then, reaching within to our innermost questions related to our understanding of the social and racial prejudices that we harbour, as individuals or as communities, seem only natural.

Writers discharge their inhibitions, and reservations, and muted confrontations, through a dignified silence of words, sitting for hours, scraping at ideas, molding them, making them impactful. As a writer, Teju Cole makes you think, makes your old thoughts struggle with new, the potency is deep, and real, and maybe, just maybe, a shade morbid.

A remarkable book that swings from an urban disenchantment, to, the solace that being an alien brings to a rootless wanderer in a pluralistic society that the United States of America represents.