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Issue 13 has a lot to talk about.

Smriti Verma, in a searing piece titled ‘A Two-Minute Journey From the School Bus to My Home’, pitches human mind against the expanding world of its own creation, as Delhi, where her work is set, fights to survive its own echo of severity, while around her, plants die, life chokes, and people create death, disease and pollution with impunity.

In ‘Land’, set in rural Brazil, Arthur Powers explores the question of identity not through conflict or ethnicities that divide people and turn them away or closer to one another, enough to maim, kill or catalyze an unnatural bond of mutual greed, but through love, imagined or real, which only a relationship with land can foster, its sounds, undulations of the ground, the weather, and the imminence of it all being gutted by the new world.

Freedom that a broken marriage begets is mistaken, in Tarini Mehta’s ‘Maya’, as an opportunity to love or be loved again, yet oftentimes, it gravitates lives into a void that corrodes every effort to find happiness.

Raymond Hutson’s ‘Navy Pier’ is a rendition of a failed relationship seen through a vicious impenetrability that human experience has the capacity to create, the blindness for what is visible, and the failure of what can be salvaged.

Issue 13 also features an interview with CP Surendran, poet and novelist, whose new novel ‘Hadal’ was launched earlier this year, and another with Sam Miller, journalist and nonfiction writer, who writes about India with a rare fortitude that makes his writing compelling and informative at the same time.

As always, this Issue also carries brilliant poems, a creative nonfiction piece and artwork too.

Kulpreet Yadav



A Two-Minute Journey from the School Bus to My Home by Smriti Verma
Land (Tocantins – the eastern Amazon – Brazil, 1991) by Arthur Powers
MAYA by Tarini Mehta
Navy Pier by Raymond Hutson

Creative nonfiction

Letter from an Auto Wallah by Pragya Bhagat


Birthday by Anthony Tao
I recall you through death by Rizwan Akhtar
Circle by Goirick Brahmachari
Don’t Wash the dirty linen in public by Sakshi Bhatia
skype lessons by Shobana Kumar


Interview with CP Surendran by Kulpreet Yadav
Interview with Sam Miller by Kulpreet Yadav


Birds by Pratyush Sharma