[Issue 12 / 1 Feb 15]

Some days the walks will be long
The feet will be tired, heavy on the ground;
the two minute halt will run things
apart and beyond recognition or revolt.

We will come back and sit on the bed
with slumped shoulders and our eyes
fixed pointlessly at the ordinary floor tiles,
looking for old dirt between the cracks.

The telephone will wail in the other room
Nobody will move to answer it; we won’t.
We will just sit there and let the silence grow
between us like an ocean between continents.

All the noises will crave attention or beg
to be drowned but we will just sit there
atop the lofty bed, rubbing and twitching
our high noses pointlessly at the silly floor.


Chitralekha Chetia is an advertising professional, a wanderer and is found adrift many times. She is also a wife, a cook and a cleaner. She is different things at different times and has never really been able to decide what she likes being the most.