[ Issue 7 / November 2013]

 Puddles are kings
crowning dark corners
a smoky moon thrones
their surfaces scripted
to measured waves–
beneath predictable skies
wet sounds plug ears
sluggish vendors work through
brown tides lashing knees
escaping that touch of ancient deluges
drizzly insects take over electric pools
birds grab flagging wires
and dry margins
flipping pages
chafing exposed arms
I find muddy bits & an odd carcass
over angry water
spreading like a manuscript.

Rizwan Akhtar teaches at Department of English, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan. His poems have appeared in Poetry Salzburg Review, Poetry NZ, Wasafiri, Postcolonial Text, decanto, Poesia (US), Exiled Ink, Pakistaniat : A Journal of Pakistani Studies(US), Solidarity International, Orbis, The Other Poetry, The Planet, Wolf, South Asian Review, Gutter, ScottishPen, tinfoildresses (US), and in Bloodaxe anthology Out of Bounds (2011).