The brilliance of the narrative, the experimental voice (2 narrative point of views, both first person, and narrative time, present tense), the characters as real as if sitting-right-next-to-you, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a delicious book. A writer’s ultimate triumph; a reader’s real pleasure.

The story, as I said, has two POVs. Nick, an out-of-work writer/journalist is double dating a student at a college where he works part time. He is fallible, guilty and self possessed. Yet he is reasonable, caring to a degree and practical. Amy, on the other hand, wife, a New York girl, also out-of-job, who decides to move to a small town near Mississippi river in Missouri with her husband, is a smart woman who discovers that husband is cheating. On the couple’s sixth anniversary she goes missing. No one knows whether she is dead or alive. The circumstantial evidence points a finger at Nick. As the story progresses the noose gets tighter and tighter around his neck. This is a book where the plot thickens and thickens till you decide to read the whole thing in one sitting and shoo everything else away: work, lovers, even food. I won’t give the story away anymore. Just two words: MUST READ.

A few months ago someone had asked me to name a book that ‘blew my mind’ and I made a list right then and there. We all have read awesome books, haven’t we? Books that have blown our minds? But it is only now that I now know what ‘a book that blew the mind’ really means. Yes, the ‘Gone girl’ ‘blew my mind’.