October 28, 2021

6 ways to uncover a bad tint job

Often times, a gorgeous car is ruined with a bad tint job even after spending a good amount of money. That’s why it’s essential to hire professional car tint services so they could give your vehicle a complete aesthetic look that it needs on the streets.

If you’re having your tinted and it’s your first time, here’s a bit of information that might be useful for you. See 6 ways to discover a bad tint job here.

1. Poor quality

A good tint has small and neat edges. A good tint installer uses computerized templates to adjust the film according to the line close to the edge of the window pane so that it doesn’t waver. You will know that it’s a bad job if there is a huge gap between both. 

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2.  Beware of the purple windows

Purple windows obviously mean that the used film is of basic quality probably a vinyl sheet that fades away with time.

Not only the windows, but you can also prevent the paint of your car from fading over time. Look for car paint protection Dubai services to protect the paint of your car.

3. Distortion in the form of tiny bubbles

Small or huge bubbles on the window distort the view and also look very uncomfortable. Make sure to check the quality of the tint. A low-quality tint can form bubbles within six months and begins to break down quickly.

4. A dark shade doesn’t relate to high-quality tints always

People assume that a dark tint is best to protect them from the scorching rays of the sun and has high-quality heat-blocking properties but that’s not always true. A lighter shade of good quality can be effective too and much better than a low-quality dark tint.

5. Make sure it covers the windshield

A lot of people leave the windshield bare which doesn’t look attractive at all. A light tint on the windshield is acceptable and gives your car a great look as it is obviously the largest window on your car. However, you do need to consider your state laws before applying for a transparent or a lighter shade tint on your windshield.

6. Damaging the film with cutouts

Make sure to use a top-notch installer without any cutout sections of the film. Even with inspection or registrations stickers on your windshield, a good install can easily convert those stickers into static-cling decals.