Saturday, October 19, 2019
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Pratik Aghor

Pratik Aghor
Pratik is a graduate student who is pursuing MS (Engg.) degree from JNCASR, Bangalore. He is studying fluid dynamics and pattern formation and plans to go for a PhD in physics or applied mathematics. Doing good science is important to him. Apart from science, Pratik enjoys reading, writing, music, badminton and martial arts. Eventually, he aspires to publish his stories, both in English and Marathi. At the moment, he also writes a blog on books, articles, and stories that he finds extraordinary.

The Chutneyfication of India – A Commentary on ‘Midnight’s Children’ by Salman Rushdie

Saleem Sinai is born at the stroke of midnight on 15th of August, 1947, at the exact moment India gained independence from the oppressive...

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