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Momina Masood
A resident of Lahore, Pakistan, 23-year-old Momina Masood is a literature graduate with a BS (Hons) in English Literature from the University of Gujrat, Pakistan. Her work has appeared in 3:AM Magazine, The Bombay Review, The Missing Slate and The Bombay Literary Magazine.

Of History and Love: “The Bones of Grace” by Tahmima Anam (Book Review)

“… the story of becoming, of transformation, of leaping between one sort of being and another sort of being, of leaving history behind for...

“Read. And Read Widely” : A Conversation with Maryam Piracha

The thing with marginalized communities and their respective literatures is that they will ultimately bleed out through the fault lines of silence and oppression...

Of Stolen Books, Lamed Vovniks and Franz Kafka: The History of Love by...

“The first woman may have been Eve, but the first girl will always be Alma…”I believe in the power of the written word....