20 word storyThis contest was exclusively created for twitter users and we are overwhelmed by the number of writers who sent us their work. Here are the top ten flash fiction pieces that are 20-words or shorter:

  1. The passenger was reading my book. I said the book is mine. He said I purchased it for 10 bucks.

CafininedWords @dixita011

  1. Beware of the moment of peace within the battlefield cacophony: it always gets quiet before an explosion.

Lada @LadaRedley

  1. Blood on her temples and wrists is darker than the red of her mehndi and bindi. A white shroud to hide it all.

Aneesha Shewani @tweetoeuvre

  1. “I do” he whispered, without taking his eyes off her face. “I do” she said, hugging his best friend tightly.

Sid @wrotethose

  1. His tears caressed her timeless face one last time memorising each contour, before they auctioned her portrait.

Vyomi Malik @vyomi_malik

  1. Kept ticking the boxes till I ran out of ink. Went back to rub off till eraser wore out. Exams!

Mahendra @imthetiger

  1. The last of leaves fell off the branches of a tree that sheltered the old age home.

FiftyOneShaesOfPri @whatdefinesme

  1. I talked to Kalpana Chawla in a dream this morning, then heard rocket science is a man’s game when awake.

Lekh @lifeexcgudbadug

  1. She was a stickler for time, leaves home at 9, drives 25 minutes, halts at 2 signals, an easy kill.

Lata S @lsunil

  1. She never #loved me. After a couple of years, she became a #stranger and I became a #poet.

Nitin Soni @TheCurlyPoet