#10wordstory Contest (1)This contest was exclusively created for twitter users and we are overwhelmed by the number of writers who sent us their work. Here are the top ten shortlisted flash fiction pieces that are 10-words or shorter:

  1. Shocked, I watched her take off her wig and smile.


  1. “Your place or mine?” Answer stretched the moment. “Ours.”


  1. Life beyond living. Love beyond relationship.


  1. Her end of the story was his beginning of forever.


  1. You kissed me. How did I turn into a frog?


  1. The game had rules but I chose to break them.


  1. Ten pages, Five thousand apologies. Two-worded reply: It’s Over.


  1. In my eyes, I time travel through my father’s wrinkles.


  1. I find and hold you. My love lets you go.


  1. From her lips to his, embers glow! Screeching metal…Ashes.