The stillness of silence
Hushed by cacophonic sounds,
Gushed into the empty room
As though it were tidal waters
Galloping in by leaps and bounds

Death has thrown a veil
Of emptiness, of vacancy-
As if to mark the footfalls
That would disturb the dust
Gathered there through neglect,

Silence rules over the room
That had been dad’s studio
Now a repository of incense
It silently awaits the hand
That’d remove the veil

As if by magic to impart
Life and liveliness to a room
That reeks of the presence
Of an absentee and ever changing
Gloom that cascades down and over
All things made from life itself.

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Haimanti Dutta Ray
Haimanti Dutta Ray is a freelance writer and blogger. Creative writing is both a passion and a hobby for her. Her debut book of non-fiction, In Loving Memory, was published in October last year by Rupali Publications of Kolkata. An avid reader, her short stories and poems had been shortlisted at Wordweavers Contest for two consecutive years. Her articles have appeared in various dailies like The Statesman, The Times of India and The Telegraph. Art India and Art & Deal have also featured her.