[Issue 16 / Feb 16]

We were sitting at the edge of the river
exactly where we’d met a few days before.

“There is a deathly silence today,” he said,
“Deathly’ is the wrong adjective for silence.

Death is not silent.
It is more vociferous than life and anyway
there is never complete silence,
the mind is continuously moving through
the quiet of the inanimate.”
“That’s rubbish.
Silent as the dead is a known idiom,” he replied.
“It is, so is the quote, ‘“silence speaks louder than words.’”
“Have you ever been to a cemetery, a morgue—
or better still a graveyard,
or stood ‘quietly’ where the dead are put to flames?
You must.
The noise of the dry bones overrides everything.
There is nothing louder than dead air,
a dead relationship, dead dreams, dead promises.
Death, my friend, is anything but silent.” I paused.
“Death may not be silent but silence can still be deathly
and that’s what I said” he insisted,
though I felt his conviction wavering a little.
“Silence is not just lack of movement or sound.
It is the same with death.”

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Tikuli is an Indian blogger and author. Her short stories & poems have appeared in print and in online journals & literary magazines including Le Zaparogue, MiCROW 8, Troubadour21,The Smoking Book (Poets Wear Prada Press, US), The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Mnemosyne Literary Journal, Women's Web, Life And Legends, Levure littéraire . A few of her poems have been translated in Italian and read at poetry festivals in Italy. Her print publications include poems in Guntur National Poetry Festival Anthology & much acclaimed Chicken Soup For The Indian Romantic Soul (Westland). She blogs at tikulicious.wordpress.com. Her debut poetry book 'Collection of Chaos' was published by Leaky Boot Press, England in January, 2014.