ISSUE 16, Open Road Review

Dear readers,

On behalf of the editors, staff & interns, I bid farewell to Shanti Perez, the oldest member of our team. Her involvement & commitment to curate the best fiction pieces over the past four years has been central to our growth. Unlike most magazines, we have managed to remain afloat, and her wholehearted involvement was one of the strongest reasons. Though she won’t be working with us hands-on anymore, she will continue to be a part of our extended family. Shanti wishes to focus on her writing, among other things, and I wish her luck.

The fiction selection:

In the present time, when doubt dominates our prescient consciousness and moral vigilantism rules the popular sentiment, it’s impossible to play good. ‘Cuts’ by Chitralekha Basu dazzles with this extraordinary flaw of our times.

Beautifully written and absolutely engrossing, ‘A Dog’s Wife’ by Jyothi Vinod, is the story set in modern day Bangalore that captures the cruelty and dullness of a young couple who are working for the startup and the outsourced IT sector.

‘Demons’ by Proteem Bhaduri is an intense, first-person account of a young boy, now a man, whose definition of right and wrong mutates as a child during a family vacation to his mother’s village.

We also have 4 brilliant poems & 2 creative nonfiction pieces in Issue 16. Do share or leave a comment if you like. Happy reading.

Kulpreet Yadav
New Delhi

‘Cuts’ by Chitralekha Basu.
‘A Dog’s Wife’ by Jyothi Vinod.
‘Demons’ by Proteem Bhaduri.

‘The Perennial Poem’ by Manik Sharma
‘Untitled’ by Ananya Guha
‘Shadow’ by Rashida Murphy
‘Silence’ by Tikuli

Creative Nonfiction:
‘I Forgot She Was a Prostitute’ by Devraj Singh Kalsi
‘Lady Rainbow’ by Bhavna Khemlani