Top 5 Things Oscars 2016

Here are the Top 5 things that will make Oscars 2016 super special on Mon, 29th February, 2016 especially for us Indians.

#1 – Leonardo DiCaprio is winning an Oscar – At Last!

Leo has been nominated 5 times but lost out every single time. But this year promises to be different. Despite being up against formidable contenders: Eddie Redmayne – ‘The Danish Girl’, Matt Damon – ‘The Martian’, Michael Fassbender – ‘Steve Jobs’, and Bryan Cranston – ‘Trumbo’, the Oscar for Best Actor seems headed his way at last. Critics, Insiders, and trade pundits have already, and quite rightfully, placed their bets on Leonardo for his outstandingly harrowing performance in the ‘Revenant’ by Alejandro G. Iñárritu. Be it near-death freezing conditions that he had to endure while filming, or his commitment to authenticity that saw this vegetarian, to actually eat raw Bison Liver, Leo has done it all. Having won every single key award for Best Actor, leading up to the Oscars, including a Golden Globe and BAFTA, this seems to be the year when the jinx might finally be broken. Or will it continue? Watch it LIVE to find out for yourself!

#2 – Priyanka Chopra as a Presenter – A Splendid First!

Having won a Miss World Crown in 2000, 5 Filmfare Awards in 5 different categories (Best Debut, Best Actress in a Negative Role, Best Actress, Best Actress – Critics, and Best Actress in a Supporting Role), and a National Award for Best Actress, Priyanka Chopra is no outsider to accolades. But in 2016, through her super hit TV show Quantico, she won hearts not just across America, but pretty much everywhere. And now she is set to soar even higher. After becoming not just the first Indian, but the only South Asian to have won a people’s Choice Award—Favorite New Actress in a TV Series—Priyanka is all set to create history by becoming the first Indian EVER to actually receive invitation to present an Oscar this year. What will she be wearing? Which award will she give away? How will she be introduced? How will the recipient and the audience react? Watch the show LIVE to find out what happens.

#3 – Chris Rock as the Host – Unequal Opportunity Anyone?

Let truth be told – no hashtag has ever quite generated the kind of negative publicity for any show as #OscarsSoWhite. Almost everyone, including the Academy itself, is ruing the absence of any semblance of diversity as far as nominations are concerned. For a second year in a row, every single Acting nomination has been secured by a White Actor or Actress. The raging racial row may turn even more volatile due to the presence of an African American Host. What will Chris actually say and do about this entire controversy? Will he side with his brethren, or the Academy and end up indulging in some self-deprecation? Will he listen to explosive suggestions by fellow Black actors like Don Cheadle and utilize this opportunity to “skewer the entirety of society”? I guess we need to watch him LIVE to see how it all unfolds!

#4 – An Indian Director’s Film Winning a Best Film Oscar – First Class Achievement!

This year something that has NEVER happened, might just ensue, thanks to Pixar’s spectacular Best Animated Short nomination for ‘Sanjay’s Super Team’. Directed by Sanjay Patel, the film is based on his experiences while growing up in US. Essentially about the clash between a tradition-minded immigrant father and his more assimilated son addicted to TV shows in general, and fictional superheroes in particular, the film that released along with ‘The Good Dinosaur’ has been receiving acclaim throughout for its achingly personal story inspired by true events. Will it finally turn out to be a historic moment for Sanjay himself? Watch the LIVE telecast to find out!

#5 – 45 Seconds per Acceptance Speech – Tick Tock Ticker!

This year the Academy is all set to lock horns with rambling acceptance speeches. Having already made it mandatory for nominees to send in the names of those they wish to thank in advance, they are set to strictly ensure adherence to timelines. With plans afoot to actually have a TV Screen Ticker that displays the names of the people the stars wish to thank, while the acceptance speech is being delivered, the stakes seem to have been piled high already! Will this ambitious experiment work? Or will it lead to resistance? Only the LIVE coverage will tell!

So what do you think about my predictions and observations? Do comment below to let me know. And yes – don’t forget to watch it LIVE on Star Movies starting 6:00 AM India time on Monday, or at least the repeat telecast starting 8:00 PM, with the Red Carpet scheduled 30 mins prior for each event. Happy viewing!