Top 5 books for Valentine's weekend

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, romantic love is indeed in the air. Here’s the list of 5 Indian novels of recent times that are strongly recommended for the Valentines weekend!

#1 – ‘Our Impossible Love’ by Durjoy Datta (299 Pages, Rs 175)

Love makes you feel special at all times, and this book, in its own unique way, is indeed special. In fact, it is probably the most refreshing take on love in recent times by Penguin. Here is a book that truly deserves to be where it rightfully is—on the top of almost all bestseller charts. Effectively crafted and conversationally narrated, the theme is bold. Bonus points to Durjoy for not just writing an everyday romantic love story through the leads Aisha and Danish, but also for bringing out the nuances of sibling love. This one is sensitively ‘Sarthak’ as far as projecting alternate sexuality goes. Don’t miss this gem from Durjoy! It will make you fall in love—not just with him, but also his writing, that is, if you aren’t already!

#2 – ‘You’ve got the Wrong Girl’ by Sreemoyee Piu Kundu (336 Pages, Rs 350)

Let’s face it. Love and longing do go hand in hand. But not always as poignantly as Sreemoyee seems to have managed in this Hachette offering inspired by ‘Shakuntala’. The story follows the travails of Dushyant Singh Rathode, a man who beds a mysterious maiden on a moonlit lawn near the Taj Mahal, promising that their paths will never cross. Yet, post a bestseller about his one night of passion, he hurtles along an uncertain path to find his muse, and write a sequel. Does he find her, or has he already lost his ‘one true love’? Here is a tale that is more about the journey than the destination. Be it lovely thought provoking dialogs, or succinctly layered emotions, here is a book that has it all! Worth every sigh, and then some more, as you re-read!

#3 – ‘The Girl Who Loved a Pirate’ by Kulpreet Yadav (256 Pages, Rs 250)

Love is thrilling, and sometimes also killing! This comes out beautifully in this Andy Karan thriller by Kulpreet. Set in the high seas off Malacca, and the picturesque Goa, this one is a thrilling page turner that has its heart firmly in its place. Karan seems like a reincarnation of his namesake from the Mahabharata, who is determined to not lose this time, as an undercover spy out to avenge the death of his colleague. And thankfully, with some help from an ethereal heroine Dao-Ming, whose beliefs in her love helps her overcome all odds, and a brave antihero, Pirate of the World, Ba-Qat, who is determined to go to any extent to win her back, this oriental romance by Rumor Books does turn out to be a sure winner. Go for it, for a breathlessly memorable ride!

#4 – ‘A Thousand Unspoken Words’ by Paulami DuttaGupta (213 Pages, Rs 250)

Love is worship, and nothing beats the ideals of love. And here is where Paulami scores, big time—by crafting an idol with feet of clay, Riddhiman, and a red blooded believer, Tilottama. With her being in love with ‘Musafir’, the character penned by an author, more than sometimes the man himself, who seems to have succumbed to capitalism, Readomania’s latest romance takes us through the life of a fallen hero. Will he rise, and if so at what cost? Do read this book for a traditional ‘Guru Dutt’ styled take on love, and for an ending that will make you pick your brain as you are left with the toughest choice – to decide for yourself how it all ends. Read this from cover to cover and in the process, you might just lose yourself to love.

#5 – ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian (391 pages, Rs 295)

Love, finally is that which makes your heart go around. Or does it? In this bewitchingly beautiful offering by Westland that balances love and ambition with equal measure, Aditya Kapoor’s transition from a confident bestselling author to a man willing to go to any extent for that which he desires, is sure to stick with you long after you have already turned the pages breathlessly in pursuit of the ultimate answer ‘what next?’. With strong female characters, be it an unlikely protagonist Shreya, who takes up a challenge to write a bestseller, or for that matter, Maya, a wife caught between frustration and suspicion, this one is sure to grasp you with its fluid transitions and enthralling narrative. And yes, the similarities with a certain bestselling author from IIM is sure to spice things up. A lovely read indeed!

What do you think of my list? Did I miss out your favourite book? Do let me know by commenting below. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!