That someone is definitely not us. But before you start thinking about the million dollars, do check out what’s on the menu.

  1. Dragon in the Flame of Desire – Chinese

Yak penis dish

The rather elaborate name above can be simplified down to yak’s penis. It’s simply a yak’s penis roasted and served in elaborate fashion on a large platter.

  1. Cobra heart – Vietnam

The live cobra is cut open and the beating heart is put in a shot glass. The blood that’s dripping goes in the glass too till it is about half full. It is to be drunk straight and people say you can feel the heart pump as it goes the food pipe.

  1. Rocky mountain oysters (bull testicles) – United Sates

No one knows how on earth the bulls’ testicles got this rather chic name. But whoever coined this term, this is really in bad taste. Bull testicles are deep fried after having bathed a batter of flour, pepper and salt.

  1. Sannakji – Korea

The tentacles of a baby octopus are cut and served as they are still wriggling on the plate. It’s pretty nauseating and can make a man with a weak heart go unconscious just by the sight of it. You have to pick these wriggling pieces and eat one by one after dipping them in sauce.

  1. Casu marzu – Sardinia

This traditional dish from Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea is a sheep’s milk cheese that contains live insect larvae. It’s pretty nasty because the larva might be wriggling out of the cheese as you begin eating. Some can jump up to six inches and sit on your nose watching you eat their home. Argh!

  1. Noma Salad — Denmark

It’s a $300 ant salad. Yes, the ants are frozen so they move slower, and add a crunchy texture to the salad. Locals close their eyes and get the flavor of lemongrass and cinnamon as they eat it.

  1. 100 year old egg – China

Plainly put, this is rotten egg, preserved in a mixture of clay, ash and quicklime (Calcium oxide) for a few months.  The yolk is slimy and its colour can be anything from dark green to black. The white turns into a translucent jellylike substance that is pale yellow in colour. The 100 year old eggs taste as bad as they look but the Chinese call it an acquired taste.

  1. Shiokara – Japan

The small pieces of the meat of various marine animals are served in a brown viscous paste of their heavily salted, fermented viscera (internal organs) that has been mixed with about 10% salt & 30% malted rice, and fermented for up to a month in a container.

  1. Fried spider – Cambodia

Caught in the wild, spiders are marinated in MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), sugar & salt before being fried with garlic and secret seasonings. When cooked, the spider looks neat, as if it has just had had a bath. Don’t go near the lizards after eating them. Just kidding!

  1. Fugu – Japan

Made from pufferfish it can cause death if not cooked properly and not everyone in Japan is authorized to make this. This requires years of practice and patience. If the chef goes wrong just once and you won’t have the time to even say sayonara.