Liana Yadav 1

With the suspense cleared, everyone was ready to have breakfast. It was a sunny morning and it felt very hot indeed. All the demigods, satyrs and giants and Titans sat together and started helping themselves to food. Everyone told Calypso about the camp and their activities and asked her about her island. After sometime Calypso got up to take a second helping.

‘Boy… you do have quite an appetite.’ Percy said, pouring some chocolates over his pancakes and watching Calypso fill her plate all kinds of breads and cakes and lots of Nutella.

‘Oh Percy!’

‘Hey Calypso! It’s a pleasure.’ Percy said, all messed up with his thoughts.

‘Same here.’

‘So… how have you been?’

‘Fine… actually great. You?

‘Oh yes… couldn’t be better.’

Even a toddler could guess the awkward tension here.

Percy faced Calypso and looked at her in the eyes. ‘Look… Calypso. I am sorry. I know I could have helped you and I tried to, but the gods didn’t take notice. I am sorry. Argh! I am such an idiot. I should have made sure that you are freed but I-I didn’t. I am sorry. I really am. I would do anything to make it up to you. Anything.’ Percy said expecting Calypso to suddenly order him to do a hundred situps. But, he felt that he would deserve that too.

‘Percy. You don’t have to be sorry.’ Calypso said, surprised and happy at the same time. ‘You couldn’t help it. And I should thank you because if it hadn’t been for you… I and Leo would have never met.’

‘I guess. But I still think that I owe you one.’

‘What does that mean?’

‘Oh, never mind.’

Calypso laughed. Percy didn’t realize until now how much he had missed Calypso, her cinnamon smell, her cinnamon colored skin, her hair, her laugh.

‘So… we are good now?’ Percy said pointing towards him and Calypso.

‘We are perfect.’


They remained quiet for a while. Everyone at the table noticed them talking but didn’t say anything. They knew their history and knew just how important it was for them to sort things out. Annabeth felt uneasy and queer but then she looked at Leo. Seeing how calm and relaxed he was, she felt calm too. She even felt ashamed of herself a little.

‘Well… want to go for a walk?’

‘All right, Percy.’

They set off and walked around the camp a little.

‘So you and Leo… you really are in love then?’

‘Oh yes! I have never felt about someone the way I have felt about Leo.’

‘I am really happy for you, Calypso. After all that has happened to you, I feel you deserve the best.’

‘I guess you are right. And I agree, Leo is the best. I love him.’

They remained silent for a while.

‘And what about you and Annabeth. You guys too make quite a couple.’

‘Yes. After the first war, Annabeth and I kinda realized we liked each other.’

‘Seriously, you realized that after the war? Oh Percy. You can be stupid at times.’

‘Yeah, probably. Wait… that’s what Annabeth says.’

Calypso laughed.

‘You did murmur a lot about her in your sleep. That was when I realized that you loved her. Honestly, I was a bit jealous and didn’t really like the sound of her. But clearly, I was wrong; you and Annabeth are made for each other, Percy. She sure is lucky to have you.’

Percy nodded.


‘Calypso…? Are you happy with Leo? Oh… don’t answer that. I mean, of course you are. I am sorry. I did miss you. Things would have been so very different if I had stayed with you on that island. I hate myself for hurting you and I have a good mind to hunt down the others who have hurt you and set Clarisse’s army on them. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if I had stayed at the island? I know that I  have.’

‘Yes, and I have wondered so with many others. But no one loved me so it was all a waste. Hercules promised me a lot of things. Said that he loved me, that he would be back and that he would rescue me from that island. That he would marry me. He promised me a wonderful life with him… but all lies. Did you know, Percy? Apart from the curse that I had been given, there also had been a curse for any mortal who visits. This curse could have saved me. All mortals who visit the island will leave after making a promise, this promise, if fulfilled by anybody, could save me. That is the reason I fell in love with all of them. Hoping and thinking that they would rescue me one day. I was desperate and I became more, when you came. I loved everything about you. Your smile, your face, your eyes and all your stupid jokes. I thought that you would be the one. I was convinced. But you didn’t fall in love with me. You too promised when you left, but with experience I knew that it you would not fulfill it.’

Percy tried to say something but Calypso stopped him.

‘No, Percy. I am not blaming you. I told you, it was a curse. Plus, no one could find Ogygia again,-’

‘Wait, that’s right. If no man can find Ogygia again, how did Leo?’

‘Strange though it is, but the Gods helped him. And Ogygia is locked up now.’


But, Percy seemed worried now.

‘Percy?’  Calypso said.


‘I am happy. Don’t worry.’

‘Oh! I am not worrying.’

‘Did anyone tell you, you suck at lying?’

‘I guess I do.’

He still seemed worried.


‘Yes, Calypso?’

‘I forgive you. I really do.’

That seemed to settle him.

‘Thank you.’

‘My pleasure.’

And together they walked back to the breakfast table, talking and laughing like they had been friends for ages. A special bond was now created between them. A bond which closed all complications and tensions and awkwardness and opened a friendship which was perhaps even more immortal than Zeus himself.