Nitin Soni

Hard to believe but Nitin Soni of Delhi is all of 25. The Broken Boat, his maiden poetry book, that was steadily climbing the bestseller charts, reached the number 1 position on Amazon India within a few weeks of its release.

“I just can’t believe it,” says Nitin who was contemplating a book launch to be noticed at the time.

“People told me poetry doesn’t sell, and I said, OK, let’s see.”

On being asked about his huge fan following on social media as the curly poet, Nitin says, “I write poems with all my heart. Maybe, I’m more sensitive than the others. Poetry is an expression I’m most comfortable with and people are able to connect with my work.”

As someone who has studied in a Hindi-medium school and writes about social issues like rape, abortion, prostitution and other gender based violence, Nitin’s achievement is noteworthy. Here’s one of the many poems from his collection that we found moving indeed. Its dense and multiple layers keep refining the reader’s thoughts with each re-read.

Blind Girl

There is a room

Full of darkness

It seems, there is a cat

With blue eyes

But in the corner

Deep in the darkness

A small girl is weeping

With open eyes, sleeping

She cannot get rid of darkness

Some light can be seen in those eyes

But she cannot see that light

Because she is blind.


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