It’s a fact that Indian women don’t have blonde hair. Or blue eyes. As Indians, much like rest of the world, we find blonde women attractive and most of us have had our share of flings and affairs with them on our trips abroad. Haven’t we?

But when it comes to choosing a wife, we have a tendency to chicken out & settle down for our own brunette tribe (for those of you who don’t know, brunette means women with black hair).

5 reasons why Indian men don't need blonde wives

Here are my TOP 5 reasons why Indian men don’t need blonde wives:

REASON 1: According to researchers blonde women have low IQ as compared to their brunette or redhead counterparts. Why would an Indian want a dumb wife?

REASON 2: A blonde wife in India will have many men vying for her attention. This is too much of a burden for the career-oriented Indian men who will have to keep looking over their backs.

REASON 3: Blondes take more time doing makeup. Research says that a blonde woman takes 72 minutes a day in contrast to 66 minutes by a brunette. Add to that the perennial traffic woes in India and a brown Indian man with his blonde wife can never make it to a party in time.

REASON 4: In India, more often than not, wives define men and their works. Take the case of Ambanis. Having a blonde wife, therefore, will make an Indian look more phoren than he actually is—a wrong signal.

REASON 5: Last but not the least, once the lights are out, the colour of hair doesn’t matter.

Agree? Disagree? Partly disagree? Tell me what you think in the comment section? I’ll make it a point to reply to all.