The Girl Who Loved a Pirate is India’s first romantic spy novel on pirates. Launched in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore & Chennai, the novel has featured on many bestseller lists and reviews appeared in newspaper and magazines. Set in the Arabian Sea, Goa, and the Malacca Strait, the author has used his experience of being an officer with the armed forces to write this fast-paced thriller. I had the privilege to launch it at the Oxford bookstore New Delhi along with Vinita Nangia, author and columnist.

New Cover Image -- The Girl Who Loved a Pirate

Here’s more about the intriguing plot:

The Pirate of the World: The Pirate of the World wants to quit a life of crime and settle down with Dao-Ming, the woman he loves. But his final mission fails. With it, curtains are also drawn on his reign of terror that lasted ten years in the Malacca Strait, a shallow but navigable stretch of sea that is notorious for attacks on passing ships by ruthless pirates. Now locked-up in a high security jail in Malaysia, the Pirate of the World is days away from his execution.

The Spy: A seeker of truth & justice, 30 years old Andy Karan is a loner, forever fighting the demons of his birth and fate. An undercover spy whose mother named him after Karan of Mahabharata when she was abandoned by the only man she had loved and trusted, Andy has to put his past to rest and race against time to conquer the present. On an assignment to snuff-out his colleague’s murderer in Goa, Andy Karan is roped in by the Indian government for a secret plan. In exchange for the pirate’s freedom, the Indian intelligence, along with their Malaysian counterparts, intend to use the pirate’s expertise for the greater good of the world.

The Mission: The playground is the high seas off the Indian coast where a North Korean Ship called Ocean King is on its way to a port in Iran with a secret cargo. The mission is to hijack the ship and its cargo along with the Brazilian Captain and the Filipino crew, who are armed to the teeth. Meanwhile in Goa a new drug called ‘magic’, which gives the same kick as Heroin but is half the cost, is altering the inter-gang dynamics and the rave party culture. Can Andy, who refuses to be a victim of his birth in this new Kurukshetra, trust the pirate? Or his own instincts in an unfamiliar terrain?

The Girl Who Loved a Pirate

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