A woman who is dominant & self-assured can make a world of difference to the lives of men and their families. But even today, the men want their wives to be subservient.  It is so unfortunate. This short note is addressed to all those men out there with a request to read it at least once. Because not just you need, but you deserve a dominant woman in your life.

  1. Knows her mind: A dominant woman is aware of her goals and constantly works towards achieving them. Such a woman is independent in her thinking and does not hesitate to take decisions for the benefit of her family.
  1. Strong willed: Women who are self-assured are resolute and don’t give up easily. Their partner can completely depend on them in times of need. They are capable of solving different life-problems with courage and grace.
  1. Expressive: Such women are outstanding communicators. They communicate in a simple, straightforward and responsible manner. One of the main reasons they are, at times, seen as strong or overbearing is the no–nonsense approach during their conversations. It is important for them to convey their thoughts clearly and they expect the same from others.
  1. Confidant and Considerate: A strong woman knows herself well. For this reason she is open to discussions, suggestions and debate. She may give her own thoughts on the issue but will never discourage her partner to share his point of view because she values and respects other people and their opinion as much as she respects her own.
  1. Excellent Planner: They are meticulous planners. Whether it’s a birthday party of their children or an official event, they are on top of everything. They can make their spouses proud with their strong attention to detail even under most stressful conditions. To put it in other words, they are excellent managers.
  1. Charming: They rarely feel shy or out of place in any gathering. In fact, they can initiate a conversation and captivate their audience almost immediately at any social event with their wit and charm.
  1. A better parent: Such a woman is a good example to her children. Children observe and imitate their parents and their habits and learn to pick up the same traits from a very young age. These children learn to be bold, independent and disciplined like their mothers.
  1. Believes in equality: They are reasonable and like to do everything in consultation with their partners. They believe in sharing responsibilities and clearly lay out terms of the relationship from the very beginning.
  1. Liberal and open to new ideas: Such women like to keep themselves updated and are open to new thoughts and ideas not only in their personal relationships but also in day to day living to make life interesting and meaningful. In fact, they make sure that the environment at home is that which supports and promotes learning and accept differences in others more readily.
  1. Bounce back in life: These women have the tenacity to face the challenges in life boldly. They also have the ability to overcome failures, pain and loss faster.

That Womane you see

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Sujata Parashar
Sujata Parashar’s best-selling debut novel, 'In pursuit of infidelity', (Rupa & co., 2009) explored the man–woman relationship outside the institution of marriage from a modern woman’s perspective. The second in the series, 'In Pursuit of Ecstasy', (Rupa & co., 2011) studied the youth-parent relationship in modern times and made an attempt to portray how the seeds of dissension between the two impacts society at large. The book was long listed for the Economist Crossword Book Award 2012. Her latest novel, the third in the “Pursuit” series, 'In Pursuit of a Lesser Offence', was released in 2014 (Alchemy) and explores the relevance of institution of marriage in current times. Her first short - fiction, 'Wake me only when the Sun is high', (2011), and her first book of poems in the series, Poetry Out and Loud, (2012) have won awards. She has recently come out with her first short story collection titled, 'That Woman You See'. The nine stories in the collection focus on the new-age Indian woman who is bold and expressive. The themes vary from office politics to colour bias, love, marriage and modern day relationships et al. Sujata is active in the literary circles and contributes to literature as member, planning board, Kumaon Literary Festival, (KLF) and Delhi Poetry Festival, (DPF). Sujata holds a Masters in Human Rights and is a certified Travel and Tourism professional. She also has a rich and diverse professional portfolio: She has worked for a European airline, a business hotel in India and a sea- side resort in Singapore before joining the social sector as a social worker and trainer. She is currently on the executive board of Empowering Minds; a national level NGO located in Delhi. Sujata loves to travel and unwinds by watching a period film.