I think you will agree with me that Chetan Bhagat can singularly be credited for the turnaround of the Book Publishing Industry in India—an industry that was strangulated by publishers who allowed only select writers with foreign degrees, and also the ones who belonged to the privileged classes, to be published. It was precisely due to this reason that one generation of Indians grew up without reading books.

But Chetan Bhagat and a few others reversed this trend, and now the aspiring Indians—finally!—want their children to read and write stories. Indians want to communicate better, and they have a lot of catching up to do.

But I might be wrong. Do read and decide for yourselves.

TOP 5 REASONS WHY CHETAN BHAGAT IS A HERO FOR THE INDIAN READERS & SALMAN RUSHDIE IS NOTHere are the top 5 reasons why Chetan Bhagat is a Literary Hero for the Indian readers and Salman Rushdie is not:

REASON 1: Chetan Bhagat writes stories that communicate with the masses. His language is understood by everyone. Salman Rushdie’s?

REASON 2: Chetan is opinionated, but he is moderate in his views at the same time. Can we say the same about Salman Rushdie?

REASON 3: Everyone in India knows Chetan Bhagat. Ask the guard at the gate of your housing society, or your dhobi, or a young man who waits at your favourite restaurant, and see for yourself. I asked ten working class Indians and they said they have never heard of Salman Rushdie.

REASON 4: 6 million people follow Chetan on Twitter against 1 million who follow Salman Rushdie.

REASON 5: Chetan Bhagat lives in India, the country of his birth, whereas Salman Rushdie doesn’t.