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Holiday romances are common. But be warned; according to statistics, only one out of ten holiday romances develop into a successful long-term relationship.

Here are 10 tips on how to deal with a holiday romance:

  1. Understand the difference between love and lust: It might be love, but more often than not, it might be just lust. Don’t confuse the two. Accept it for what it is. If a person is moving too fast for you, and it makes you uncomfortable in any way, don’t hesitate to back off. And if this person is talking about marriage, or living together, or future getting-together-again-ideas, be wary.
  2. Take no risks: Always remember, no matter how attractive this person is, he or she was a stranger until you met and all you know about this person is a name and whatever that has been shared selectively with you. Always let people who care about you know where you are, keep your money and valuables in the hotel safe, and don’t go overboard sharing the story of your life.
  3. Don’t get emotional: A holiday romance is a temporary escape. Don’t fall in love because if you do, you are setting yourself for heartbreak. Enjoy the attention and companionship while it lasts, but never forget that you will have to move on.
  4. Do know that your behaviour can be manipulated: Very often people in the tourist circuit, like waiters, tour operators, diving instructors etc, come in constant contact with travellers and have polished their charm to such an extent that it makes people go weak in their knees. Remember this.
  5. Don’t risk your friendship: If you’re travelling with a friend, don’t ditch your friend to go off with that dishy stranger you met just a few hours ago. Remember, a holiday romance is temporary, but your long-time friend might get annoyed with you and that would be the end of a cherished friendship.
  6. There is no room for understated flirting: On a holiday, the rules of wooing are compressed to a few hours for what normally takes days. So go with your gut, smile at the person you find attractive, introduce yourself, and take it from there.
  7. What if you are in a committed relationship? Do consider your partner’s reaction back home if he or she gets to know about your little holiday fling. Would these few days be worth the unpleasantness?
  8. If you do fall in love: If you’re looking to make it long term with a fellow vacationer, do keep it in mind that the person you meet on a holiday has a life back home you know nothing about. Also, the person on holiday might bear little or no resemblance to what he or she is back home in regular circumstances.
  9. When it gets over: Accept that the object of your affection might not want to keep in touch with you after the holiday is over. Don’t send emails, or call endlessly. What you fell for was your own choice and now is the time to accept the truth and move on.
  10. Don’t make finding romance the focus of your holiday. If it happens, great. If it doesn’t, great. You’re travelling to see a new destination, to have fun, to de-stress, to learn about a new culture. If romance comes along as part of the package, it is fabulous. If it doesn’t, you’ve still had a fabulous break.

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