Lovers like you and IWritten with poetic precision, ‘Lovers like you and I’ by Minakshi Thakur leaves you with delightfully crisp and haunting images that resonate with love and longing.

Nayan, 25, is sure-footed, firmly in grasp of her worldly sanity, even though her life is falling apart. Her best friend has committed suicide. Nayan’s mother is seeking solace in music to cope with a troubled relationship with her busy husband. And Nayan’s lover, Salil, is busy cohabiting with his own dreams and occupational displacements. This is a story of real desires, of you and I, held captive, by our real inhibitions and unrealised fantasies. Its aesthetic prose brims with incandescent nakedness and lingering tenderness, enough, for many of us to map parallel courses from our own lives.

I thought the illustrations could have been better. Sharper images, more white space perhaps, would have worked better. But I am no expert.

Overall, an outstanding debut. Shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize 2013, this is a novel I strongly recommend.