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[heading title=”Artwork By Aria Sen”]

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Aria Sen is on the verge of completing his schooling in Harrow, London. An avid computer, electronics and music enthusiast, he is passionate about art and street photography in particular. He has won photography contests, published his work on book cover jackets, newspapers, online portals and NationalGeographic.com. He has understudied with a few leading photographers, interned at The Guardian newspaper (UK), and currently doing a creative internship with ‘FromHereOn’.

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Sudeep Sen is a writer, literary editor and photographer. His many prize-winning books include: Postmarked India: New & Selected Poems(HarperCollins), Aria (A K Ramanujan Translation Award), The HarperCollins Book of English Poetry (editor), and Fractals. His new book,EroText, is forthcoming from Penguin Random House in Jan 2016. Sen’s photography is widely exhibited and professionally represented by ArtMbassy Gallery in Berlin. He is the first Asian invited to read and speak at the Nobel Laureate Week.