[Issue 13 / 1 May 15]


“Don’t Wash the dirty linen in public”
but dry it in the sun
the sun can burn up nasty stains
unless it’s cloudy and it rains, galore.

The sheets are dripping of the stories
of those who lay on them

the two dimensional us-es;
the shirts,
the skirts
the underwear
are all hanging by a thread

drip drip drip

the IV drip
the hospital smells
do they burn the sheets at the hospitals?

or are the rags of the rich
disposed in sealed plastic in bags?

Switch on Switch off

beep beep beep

the first breath
to the last death
in the hospital
and in between are the dripping stories

How dynamic!
How dull!
like an airport
with run ways
for new souls landing
and the old ones
look at them, off they go..
out of the window..

the best thing about these flights
is that
there is no more worry for petrol
or its prices being hiked
or simple dinners being spiked
with chemical

meeting people
pleasing people
loving people
no more
broken bones and hearts
no more dirty dishes
or dirty laundry

Just an eternal sun
around which it is
safe and dry
to float
in a harmonious hum
like helium