[Issue 12 / 1 Feb 14]

If you know where you are going, life is not worth it.

Through this issue we have sidestepped to wander in unforeseen territories. Because not inventing a perfect tomorrow is a civilizational obsession we can’t give up.

Kulpreet Yadav

open road review


Middle Class Heroine by Kurupa Ge
North Folk by Matt McGowan
The Whole World Now by Tanuj Solanki
Things Like This by John T Biggs


Interview with Christos Tsiolkas by Kulpreet Yadav
Interview with D. Russel Micnhimer by Nalini Priyadarshni


The Fight by Chitralekha Chetia
These Days by Minakshi Thakur
Autopilot by Daniel von der Embs
The Town Is No More by Vinita Agrawal
Winter Verses by Nikita Parik


Artwork by Sarah Katharina Kayß