Do we deserve the lies our history books tell us? Are we entitled to a future founded on these lies? Is present, as we perceive it, the real truth?

The fictive and the real world are often interchangeable, and that’s why we mustn’t undermine the power of our imagination. What we conceive as stories are, in fact, extended reality of our future. Or a forgotten past.

The stories in this Issue nuance, with refreshing alertness, a combined future, an amalgam of frustrations matured by inner-voices, and, an openness that only experience can imbue. Our world might be imploding as some argue, but certainly not our stories. This is my belief and the works in Issue 11 seem to support it.

It’s good to discover a reason for our intentions. The time is now.

Happy reading,

Kulpreet Yadav

open road review

Creative nonfiction

The Red Darkness by Pragya Bhagat


‘Stupid’ by Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike

‘The Art of Wearing a Fedora’ by Tendai Machingaidze

Unfamiliar by Sumit Kr Aggarwal


Interview with William Todd Seabrook by RK Biswas

Interview with Amandeep Sandhu by Kulpreet Yadav


Artwork by Suman Sinha Ray