Open Road Review is now in its two digits. It’s time to celebrate. Our commitment to act as a sieve to bring out quality literature is not in jeopardy—this moment is that fact.

Yet, you might agree, there can be no future without living in the present. And present, like all things, is a modicum of blatancy, an adulterous insinuation that our lives are trapped and we suffer from malignancies, convoluted or apparent. Through a collective work of talented voices at Open Road Review, we are celebrating the dark in the present without failing to pause and jack up the bright spots.

As the editor of Open Road Review, I had this great privilege to attend the Asia Pacific writers’ event at The Arts House, Singapore called ‘Bridging Cultures’ from 17-20 July 14. Do visit our facebook page for more details and other regular updates.

We are bidding farewell to our poetry editor Vaughan Gunson and will be discontinuing the poetry section for the time being. I take this opportunity to thank Vaughan, a poet himself, for a rare dedication and diligence that I was fortunate to experience firsthand. On behalf of the readers and the staff of Open Road Review, I wish Vaughan Gunson all the very best for the future.

This Issue includes 11 works from emerging writers and poets (one with audio link), 4 interviews and a splendid picture as cover art.

Happy reading.

Kulpreet Yadav



Baby Leo by Arika Elizenberry
Bus by Siddharth Shenvi
Take note by Matt Tuckey (with Audio)
The Sound Called Music by Evan Guilford-Blake


Interview with Nabina Das by Kulpreet Yadav
Interview with Raymond Hutson by Kulpreet Yadav
Interview with Rebecca Lloyd by Fehmida Zakeer
Interview with Sally Breen by Kulpreet Yadav


The Divorce by Janet McCann (US)
snow postcards by Pooja Garg Singh (US)
Pomegranates by Daniel Ottaunick (US)
Current Models by M. C. Rush (US)
‘What Teenage Boys Smell Like’ by Melanie Griffin (US)
Peonies by Judith Skillman (US)
Southerly: Beyond Mumbai by Trina Gaynon (US)


Artwork by Eva Munyiri