[Issue 10 / August 2014]

My printer has divorced
my computer.
There was a little ceremony
last week after midnight.
Some clicking and a whine of separation.

Now my printer prints randomly,
wakes me from slumber
with industrious humming
and rattle of snatched paper.
Here come some Venn diagrams
and a page of Portuguese.

Of course I could unplug it
or even take a hammer to it
but I like the messages.

It invites me to random events,
emits puppies and kittens,
warns me about exotic diseases.
I’m hoping it will finish up the poems
I abandoned years ago
for lack of interest.

Cut off from its source and reason
I thought it would surely die;
I watch it from the margin
of my vision eagerly, expectantly.

Janet McCann’s poems have been published in KANSAS QUARTERLY, PARNASSUS, NIMROD, SOU’WESTER, NEW YORK QUARTERLY, TENDRIL, POETRY AUSTRALIA, etc. She has won five chapbook contests, sponsored by Pudding Publications, Chimera Connections, Franciscan University Press, PLAN B PRESS, and SACRAMENTO POETRY CENTER. A 1989 NEA Creative Writing Fellowship winner, she has taught at Texas A & M University since 1969. Her most recent poetry collection: THE CRONE AT THE CATHEDRAL (Lamar University Press, 2013.)