[Issue 10 / August 2014]

ORR, Issue 10, cover art

Eva Munyiri, who took this picture on the road from Leh to Lamayuru in north India, has this to say about this picture and the region.

Ladakh is a surreal world—high altitudes where the valleys are 3500 meters above the mean sea level and the roads can climb to over 6000 meters.

Dust, sand, pebbles, stones, striations, fissures.

Rock rooted to the earth like gnarled fingers.

Green chalky rock bleeds into red washed out mounds.

Yellow crags reflect white light and above them​ dark peaks are coated in glinting snow.

Cumulous clouds hang lazily in the sky casting celestial shadow puppets on the landscape.

The sunlight is harsh, it burns, dries, chaps lips, reduces skin to its own topography—ridges and lines, parched valleys and calloused heights.

Wooly yaks, goats and donkeys graze on impossibly sparse dry clumps of yellow grass.

The blue Indus flows through the valley, ice and snow adorn the high peaks, but no rain falls from the sky and the thirsty earth is a dust devil’s playground…The beauty of the region sears itself into your conscious…


Eva Munyiri is a filmmaker, writer and budding photographer. Her innate curiosity and interest in people drew her to creative documentary film as a means to question, discover and elucidate experiences and encounters. She is an avid traveller and shares her time between India, South Africa, Kenya and France. Her writing and photography are contemplations, fragments, of moments shared in these diverse lands and landscapes.