[Issue 8 / February 2014]


Unusual to see in the tropics,
suitable for gloomy country
houses, where owners never
went to hot islands. Here,

it drips light like the moon’s
udder or a melon drops
seed, one of the mollusks
on a beach with silky legs.

The urge to put a shawl on
solid objects, turns a lamp
into an African Lily, a lady’s
bustle. Diminishes radiance

on the drawing room talk.
While sun wilts day out
in the garden, and the rain’s
tassels droop long beads.


Nancy Anne Miller is a Bermudian poet. Her book Somersault is forthcoming from
Guernica Editions(CA). Her poems have appeared in numerous literary publications
around the world. She has an M Litt in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow, is
a MacDowell Fellow and teaches poetry workshops in Bermuda.