[ Issue 6 / August 2013]

Stop stalking her.
She’s out of breath,
trying to escape the traps.
Let her hide in the woods,
do not murder or ambush,
not a criminal, she lives by the laws of nature.
If she kills,
kills only to kill the hunger,
else the hunger would kill her.
Let her keep, her claws and her skin.
To you mere decoration,
but more precious to her offspring.
Few left,
Let the ‘prey’ remain the predator,
for she could be the Last Tiger.


Pratibha Biswas is a resident of New Delhi, India and works as Assistant Professor of English in the University of Delhi. She has taught Eighteenth Century English Poetry in Daulat Ram College, Shivaji College, Motilal Nehru College and Aurobindo College in the same capacity. She holds a B.A degree from Delhi University and received M.A in English Literature from Annamalai University. Her scholarly interest lies in Women’s Writings and Contemporary Indian Poetry in English. She enjoys reading poetry by Kamala Das,   Eunice de Souza, Mamta Kalia and Gauri Despande.