[ Issue 6 / August 2013]

to pirouetting tricksters
or poseur dream collectors

visiting in humming hours:
the quiet nights of night time.

I surrender to ethereal shifters
that migrate sleeping minds

singing a lullaby exodus, drifting
drugged eyes into coastal timelines.

Cue me the point of hostage
I’ll accede to in devout meditation;

flock to my decried ablutions
symbolic of constructed destructs

and ease this clawing emptiness
rigging at the walls of my soul

in thrall to pain. My blood
eats away its cells as addiction,

a treat for my shadowy visitor
teaching me to gorge off fleshy

dreams of sunny skies and warmth:
Sheikha A. is a Pakistani writer who uses life and its experiences to draw from inspiration. She writes as she sees the world, whether plain or abstract, also believes that writing is a medium that does not place limitations on imagination and words can be played with in any manner to create a story. Published in four issues of the eFiction India Magazine and one issue of the Red Fez under this pen name, she has written under both her real and pen name for various other online magazines.