[ Issue 6 / August 2013]

In the rooms full of
decayed-dream scent
the oldness of the doors
opens to a wet disappointment
fake orgasm symphonies permeated into the walls
arabesque slogans are spelled on the mirrors.

The woman is the rebel acrobat
of pain on the barbed wires
strained between life and death
she stitches up the torn desires at her pubic

passes through the nitric acidic nights
as laying her head on the shoulder of hope
dirty banknotes occupy
the rough geography of lust.


A Laz poet from Turkey, Serkan Engin was born in 1975. His poems have been published in more than fifty literature journals in Turkey and he has also published a poem manifest in a literature journal in 2004, “Imagist Socialist Poetry.” He has tried to start a new poetry movement in Turkish Poetry. The basic motto of his poetry movement is “Imagist in the form, socialist in the content”. His poems have been published in The Tower Journal, Poetry’z Own and Mediterranean Poetry in English. Also his poems have been published in one of the major philosophy and poetry journal of Japan named Shi to Shisou in Japanese.