[ Issue 5 / May 2013 ]

Palaver by Mamta Madhavan

 I was sitting in this quaint tea stall,

tinned roof noisy in the January breeze—

a few wooden benches, kettle boiling

in the corner with the brew

and the rising flavor of ginger.

The tea boy comes

with tea in an old glass,

a layer of froth on the top.

I sip watching the Mexican Lilac tree,

its branches spread out like the legs of the spider.

A group of Japanese tourists come in.

One sits next to me and looks at the ground

carpeted with pink petals. He looks at me

starts a conversation and we talk about

Japan and cherry blossoms.


Mamta Madhavan is a freelance writer. She has been writing poetry since the
age of 13 and her poems have been published in print and online literary
zines, journals and anthologies. She is a curator on staff at www.gotpoetry.com