[ Issue 5 / May 2013 ]

Mother by Bob D’Costa (India)

Only one single Minute will request you to wait

after your finger presses the bell

for very soon

you will hear the pat-pat of her feet

faintly audible

beating on the floor.

The crunch of the twice-turned door-knob

in an anti-clockwise path

fails to be more audible than her faint smile at the door –

music orbiting in my thoughts –

as she crushes the grill gate

making it gather itself

like an unexplored ambitious dream

that go unfulfilled before gradually withdrawing itself

and turning to a molecule

in your brain cell.

Her smile – shot straight from the heart –

is a direct invitation to step in.

The conversation suffers occasional breaks

with the doorbell rings

and her remembrance slips between the ridges

of her age,

the bones hardened long ago.

Yet words

soft as the loosened flesh

of her under arms

carve out words, shape thoughts –

her childhood dolls

their furniture

their marriage

transforms her into a 9-year old prattler.


Bob D’Costa is a poet, author and creative writing instructor with four books of poems, A Brutal Sunset, The Ten Commandments, Gods on Earth and Dark Roots and novels Love and Life in a Changing City (2012) and No New Mail but Mail from a New Girl (2013). Besides writing, Bob D’Costa is a creative writing instructor conducting writing tours in the lap of nature to guide to inspire writers in all genres on their path of writing. Though he has four ready manuscripts of novels for publication and continues with his writing, poetry is Bob firstlove.