[ Issue 5 / May 2013 ]

Bradford Pears In Spring by Carol Hamilton (USA)

She said she did not like

them, too symmetrical

and copycat, perfectly lined up

along the streets, so planned-

looking, like a politician's face,

and I said, "But they make

such good public trees!"

Yet year by year, they are

losing their discipline,

and yesterday, all over town,

they filled the landscape

like a bushy head in the seat

in front of you at a musical.

White blossoms lathered

the edges of everything.

Ah, joy! when the orderly

drill team is overcome

with exuberance, escapes to cover

the whole field with ecstatic dance.


Carol Hamilton has upcoming and recent publications in ATLANTA REVIEW,
TRIBECA POETRY REVIEW, POET LORE, SAN PEDRO RIVER REVIEW, THE PENMEN REVIEW, and others. She is a former Poet Laureate of Oklahoma.