[ Issue 4 / February 2013 ]

A Fisherman’s Ganga by Maitreyee Chowdhury (India)

I sat on a dingy boat,

Looking at the MahaAarati

On the DashwamedhaGhat.

Seven priests adorned their Ganga

In every human way possible..

Tourists shrieked, conch shells sounded

Humanity applauded.

I lit a small lamp and let it flow

Into the unknown corridors of faith-

A fisherman sat nearby

Perched on the helm of his boat

Looked at the skies,

And spat some Benaras

Into his Ganga.


Maitreyee B Chowdhury is a web columnist. She is author of ‘Reflections on
My India’ and ‘Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen- Bengali Cinema’s First Couple.