[ Issue 4 / February 2013 ]

A swarm of paddy husk dragged

to the wind’s edge of may flies,

all flesh, no wings. Bend.

Feel the knees hurting, the skin

punctured by sun’s needle resistance.

Footsteps still find ways

through the sun’s blind spots.

I am a tree stump here –

all bones, no leaves

a swarm of careful memories

frozen into charcoal.

An old house I used to know well

down to its termites

and litigations, is a vision

blinded by floaters. Should

what matters reduce that house

to mere brick and tiles

and ancestor voices?

It is not easy to scavenge answers

without wings, without one’s aerial view.

Even the monsoons do not believe

that the paddy husk was once green.

The house can never live again

through the breath of sullen hibiscus

or see that paddy field through its blind spots.

Ajay Manissery Konchery (MK Ajay) has published two collections of poems: Facsimile of Beliefs (Writers Workshop, Kolkata) and Sweetness of Salt (Plain View Press, Austin, Texas). His short story, ‘Bird Park’, was published in Urban Odysseys, an anthology of prose writing about the city of Kuala Lumpur, where he lived for more than seven years. Ajay’s works have appeared in more than forty publications around the world, including Orbis, Indian Literature, The Little Magazine, Brown Critique, Muse India, Kavya Bharati, Ampersand Poetry Journal, Niederngasse, Ygdrasil and Journal of Commonwealth Literature. Ajay is a native of Kerala and currently lives in New Jersey, USA.