imagesLet’s talk about the universality of the story. Storytelling is a thread that weaves through the entirety of human history. Stories have been used to pass on wisdom, culture, morals; they can be used to warn and threaten; they can be used to brighten and uplift.

At a basic level, stories help us make sense of experience. We communicate our experiences, our hopes and fears, through stories. The power of the story is what makes poetry so alluring and stories so engulfing. Our technological prowess may be developing at break-neck speed, but, on a fundamental level, the basic human need to engage with a story to understand further is still very prevalent.

At the Open Road Review, we strive to publish stories that cross the borders of human existence and promote understanding. So let’s get out there and write – poems, stories (fiction, non-fiction), and create images that tell a story of our commonality and unity. Weave together a story that can leave a total stranger weak in the knees from sadness or laughter.

Create – and then share it with us.