So you too have heard of audio books. Cool! But no one is sure about their future.

To tell you the truth, I love audio books. They are easy for people on the go – whether you are driving, hiking, flying or plain basking somewhere to get that weather beaten look. And if you are stuck in your office or trying to survive a difficult relationship, it augers well with your diminishing attention span. In Issue 3, we have four short fiction pieces, all with audio links. In short, we at ORR are keen that you get connected with our stories. If you don’t have time to read them, hear them.

Shanti Perez, our fiction editor, has been the sturdiest pillar on which ORR stands today. While she has recorded two of the stories for this issue, she has been laboring all through summer sifting through the submissions and editing the ones selected.

Before I welcome the new poetry editor, Leah McMenamin (what a coincidence, my ten year old daughter is called Leah too), I must record my gratitude for Shernaz Wadia, our outgoing poetry editor. I admired her energy and commitment. She will always remain special for ORR. Leah is a poet to watch out for. She’s young, vivacious and loves poetry. You can read more about her on the editor’s page.

That’s it folks. Hear us. Read us. And yes, if you are at Bangkok too for the ‘Reaching the world literary festival’ organized by Asia Pacific writers like me, let me buy you a drink while you share your opinion about us.

Kulpreet Yadav,

New Delhi, India



Cut by Anthony Liccione

Newborn Dogs By Laura Skeaff

Wintry Bouquet By Joan McNerney

April By Joan Colby

Postponed By Steve Klepetar

Little Otwock Woman By  J S MacLean

Dandelion Snow By Richard Perkins


A Ladder of Leaves  By Thomas Healy

Eyes  By Nabina Das

The Crater Doesn’t Move By Bhaswati Ghosh

Today We Are Still Married  By Alex Miller